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The Benefits of Trucking Logistics

Trucking and transportation businesses enjoy a high demand from consumers for goods, materials and services. For the trucking services industry, logistics plays an important role in its operations and also determines its success. A sound understanding of logistics enables companies to understand the requirements of clients and design an efficient supply chain solution.

Trucking and transportation logistics involves all the processes involved in receiving, moving and storing freight as well as delivering the goods. There are two types of trucking services: single axle and double axle. Double-axle transportation is preferred for long distances where as single axle transportation is more economically viable for short distances. The term ‘truckload logistics’ refers to the movement of goods in large numbers that requires a truck and trailer to haul them. Common transportation services required by trucking services include road transportation, air transportation, rail transportation and freight shipping.

Long distance trucking services include the movement of goods between point A and point B. Common trucking services utilized by companies to fulfill these long distance orders include door-to-door delivery, pick up, delivery and storage. Door-to-door service is most commonly used for local or smaller goods such as perishable goods and electrical supplies. Pick up services are most commonly used for international shipments of perishable foods and household goods.

Air freight and rail transportation are suitable options for small loads that are not too heavy or expensive to transport. Rail is more cost-effective and safer than trucking services for goods that are not very bulky. Freight shipping is the most popular means of transporting bulky cargo over long distances. However, in some cases, trucking services are required to use special carriers to make certain that the freight reaches its destination point on time.

CDL trucking services typically provide a vehicle to transport persons instead of cargo. Typically a driver will have hours of experience in the trucking industry and a CDL certificate. Some trucking companies also provide training for new CDL truck drivers. CDL trucking services utilize specially designed trucks with one or two large sleeping cabins. CDL trucking companies employ trained drivers who are capable of completing tasks associated with the job, making it an appealing option for people who want to drive a truck but are unfamiliar with the trucking industry.

20 There are a number of jobs available as a truck driver including general duty trucking services, which cover a wide variety of vehicles and many different types of goods. General duty drivers receive instruction in how to operate large trucks and are trained in how to properly handle emergencies that may arise. The responsibilities of a truck driver also cover loading, unloading and coordinating various tasks associated with the delivery of goods.

21 Other trucking services are specialized in the transportation of freight shipping. One example is a trucking service that provides freight shipping and transportation of manufactured goods. Some examples of freight shipping include the movement of cars, trains and other large transportation vehicles. Freight shipping services also provide air freight services, sea freight and ground courier services.

22 Another example is that trucking services can also provide logistics support for a wide range of industrial applications. These include distribution, industrial supplies and factory overhead systems. They also provide logistical support for unloading ships at sea. Logistics support encompasses the handling and storage of different types of goods and supplies, including raw materials, chemicals and machinery.

Trucking companies rely on trucking logistics to make sure that their cargo reaches its destination on time and under budget. Various trucking logistics services provide different kinds of truckload and pallet transportation services and a trucking company can use any of these to help meet their transportation needs. There are a number of options available when it comes to trucking logistics. Different trucking companies have different strategies for using their trucks for various purposes. It is therefore important for a trucking company to ensure that they implement a robust integrated trucking logistics approach to ensure that they deliver the best possible services.

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